Define your social experience!

Introducing the next generation of social networking! JustHive gives you endless flexibility to share your experiences and to choose how your friends interact with you.

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JustHive is awesome! Here's why.

  • Heatmap

    Not “like” but what you like! Express yourself with specifics. Show users what you really like about a post.

  • Emoji Fun

    Trigger user feedback with a full range of emojis customized to your preference or pre-selected.

  • Multi-Image Posts with Votes

    Post up to 4 images/videos to get feedback through emojis or votes.

  • The Hive

    Provides freedom and flexibility so you can view what you want, when you want!

There's more!

Create your own spaces

You’re free to categorize and organize what you view. You’re in complete control of your social experience.

No activity log

Your every move isn’t advertised to the world so you can move freely and comfortably through the app, and just have fun.

Multiple Feeds

Avoid the drama and follow whoever you want without being limited to one feed, so you can view what you want at any moment.

Anonymous Voting

So you can be you. Give feedback honestly and openly without hesitation.

Interactive commenting platform

Comments are readable and easy to follow. Upvote the comments that you like, downvote the ones you don’t, and carry on conversations through threads.

Tag it

You can tag links and hashtags directly on your posts.

What's it all about?

Break through the boundaries setup by other apps with JustHive, the new and improved social network that focuses on users’ feedback and opinions and offers a new way to view, create, and share content. JustHive is the next generation of social networking that lets you define your own experience. Keep it simple or make it as interactive as you’d like. It’s personalized for you, the user, and was designed to make social networking as fun and practical than it’s ever been before. With JustHive you have options, you have flexibility, and most importantly, you have the opportunity to create your own experiences!

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